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So you’re getting a dog?

Choosing the right dog for you

When you decide to take the leap and get a puppy, remember that puppies grow! That cute ball of fluff may not stay that small for long, so know what you’re buying. The dog you take home could be your fur friend for ten years, or if we’re blessed even longer! There are over 400 dog breads with numerous exercise, training and grooming needs.

Your perfect match

You’ve seen the dog you want, for example let’s say a Spitz breed, Husky. you’ve fallen in love with those crystal blue or multi-coloured eyes and wolf like features. The husky needs lots of exercise, stimulation and grooming, lots of grooming! Before you head to the breeder and buy the pup, think about your lifestyle, this will hopefully avoid disappointment a little later down the line. Things to think about:  1: Your living space, is it big enough? 2: Dog hair everywhere, and I mean everywhere? 3: Can you meet your new dogs exercise needs? A dog left alone for long periods can become bored, which can lead to destructive behaviour! Do your research and get a dog breed that you can manage, a dog is a companion not a chore.

Darren’s top 10 Questions to ask a Breeder.

Before we get started with the list, never, and I mean NEVER! Buy a pup without seeing the litter with the mother, no reputable breeder will keep young pups away from the mother! 1: First Vaccinations? Has the pup been wormed? Will my new pup have had these before I collect him/her? 2: Has the pups been screened for any inherited diseases? 3: Can you see vet notes? 4: Is there a contract of sale? With information in case I can no longer look after the puppy? 5: References? 6: Is the pup Registered? (Kennel Club). 7: Printed proof of pedigree? 8: Information on the breed you’re getting? 9: How long has the breeder been breeding? 10: Socialisation? Have the pups started to be socialised? Bonus Question! 11: Has the pup been microchipped? Can you have the details so that you can change over the details? *Note this may incur extra cost from the database. Is there a puppy pack to help with the first few days?

Puppy-proofing your home

Puppies chew a lot and they are clumsy as hell when they first start to find their feet. Before you get a pup do a few home checks first. Have a walk around your home, and try to see what your new pup could possibly see, or knock over. Inside and out in the garden, does the gate and fence have a gap that your new ball of fluff maybe able to squeeze through?

Puppy farms

Please never buy a pup from a puppy farm! Their mother’s can be bred to exhaustion for nothing more than a profit breeder. You can spot a puppy farm if there are multiple breeds on offer.

The rescue dog

Rescue dogs hold a warm place in my heart, I’ve had 4 so far, the owner may have passed away or taken ill and cannot take care of the dog with the love and care that’s needed. (Genuine reasons). Then you have the owners that didn’t do their research, and cannot handle the breed they picked! (Irresponsible). The result? The dog has to be homed at a rescue centre, with a hope that the next owner can give the time, love and dedication of the breed! Maybe you’d consider adopting a rescue dog?
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